The Infertile Truth, Post 5: Harsh Reality

*This is the most depressing of all the posts. The next (and last) one will be much better. I’ll end on a happy note, don’t worry. This applies to anyone without kids that wanted them, single or married. There are scary realities we face in the “no children” scenario. Ones people probably don’t think about. … [Read more…]

The Infertile Truth, Post 4: Do’s

The number one thing people need is love. As humans, we want to know we have value and that people care about us. It’s in our nature. So send us love. Let us know you’re thinking about us. That’s all. Treat us like everyone else. Invite us to things. Don’t walk on eggshells around us. … [Read more…]

Children and Youth are Treasures

You may think I might not know what I’m talking about. I don’t have kids of my own. I don’t see what happens behind closed doors at home. But I get to see you in the wild. At school, church, the store, sporting events, book signings, recitals, and so much more. I am privileged to … [Read more…]

Childless Women are Valuable

When you belong to a church or society that has a main focus on motherhood, it’s easy to get lost as a childless woman. At moments, you can feel worthless and like you don’t belong. Like you aren’t as valuable as the lady next to you who is raising children. This couldn’t be further from … [Read more…]

Left Hanging by Cindy Dorminy

You guys, LEFT HANGING by my dearest friend Cindy Dorminy came out today!!!! It’s a contemporary romance that will leave you smiling and basically wanting Theo to be a real person and marry him and have kids with him and stuff. Just saying. I absolutely adored this book, the characters, and the story. I was … [Read more…]