Children and Youth are Treasures

You may think I might not know what I’m talking about. I don’t have kids of my own. I don’t see what happens behind closed doors at home.

But I get to see you in the wild. At school, church, the store, sporting events, book signings, recitals, and so much more. I am privileged to see your POTENTIAL. And trust me, you have so much of it glowing inside, whether you see it or not. I see it.

You are the future. The hope of this world. The light in the dark. The innocence in a tainted and skewed world. You brighten up our lowest of times.

You are: Smart. Capable. Wonderful. Perfect. Fun. Quirky. Brave. Strong. Fearless. Driven. Passionate. Unique. Brilliant. Kind. Loving. Accepting.

You are valuable treasures that enrich the earth. Those around you may try to devalue you. Don’t let them. Stay the strong, brave, fearless soul you are. Stand up for what you know is right. Love those who hate you. Spread your knowledge to those who are ignorant. Shine bright and don’t let the blackened souls bring you down.

In the dark moments, remember how amazing you are. You bring joy to so many around you, we just don’t always express it because of our tainted ways. But we see you. We see your light.

We see your potential and it is absolutely stunning.

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