Childless Women are Valuable

When you belong to a church or society that has a main focus on motherhood, it’s easy to get lost as a childless woman. At moments, you can feel worthless and like you don’t belong. Like you aren’t as valuable as the lady next to you who is raising children.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, mothers play an important role here on earth, but it’s not the ONLY important role. Women are valuable for so many reasons. We are a key part in society. We are friends, teachers, role models, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts, counselors, doctors, lawyers, writers, chefs, artists, and so much more. The list is endless.

In the end, you get from life what you put into it. Make your life matter. Be a person that makes a difference. We are all valuable as humans, no matter our role.

YOU are valuable. Never forget that.

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  1. Adrienne

    Fulfilling the measure of my creation used to be a hard phrase for me. I still haven’t fulfilled that measure in the literal sense, but it bothers me less. Probably, because I have realized exactly what you said, that I do have value.

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