My 2015 Was Better Than Yours … Maybe

Overall, I had a pretty awesome 2015. There were some craptacular moments, but I believe every year will have those. Let’s take a look, shall we?

My 15 things in 2015:

  • Celebrated 12 years at my current job.
  • Celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We were on an airplane to Italy!
  • Went to Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. (first time out of the country)

    Florence, Italy


    Rome, Italy


    Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

  • Witnessed my husband become a whole new man, and I completely changed my hair. 🙂




  • Said goodbye to a dear friend after his battle with cancer.
  • Watched one of my besties fight her cancer like a lion.
  • My nephew came home from his 2 year mission for our church.


    Chad & Josh

  • Gained 15 pounds. (no photo needed)
  • Met and saw Gary Gulman perform. (he’s the funniest comedian ever in the history of comedians)ChadSaraGary
  • Wrote my 8th novel. (my first MG novel)
  • Went to my first writing retreat and actually socialized without dying.


    Thumper and Bambi outside the cabin

  • Saw both of my brother’s families whom I haven’t seen in YEARS and met my newest nephew.SaraPreston
  • Overcame some personal health issues and am doing so much better.
  • Caught up with an old friend and met her lovely daughters.RobynSara
  • Created a writing room for my own creative space.writingroomWritingRoomQuote


    Top picture: Venice, Italy Mask is from Venice, Italy Bottom left: Rome, Italy Bottom right: Split, Croatia (pronounced Spleet)

Here’s to 2016!

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